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Godsize "Hymns for the Fallen"

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"Listening to Godsize‘s debut LP ‘Hymns For the Fallen‘, it shows how the band have mixed together their cultural influences to produce a sound that sets them apart in their respective field of sludge metal.
Owing to its strong roots in the American hardcore and southern rock scenes, sludge is typically taken as a slow, sluggish form of music. However, in going along with the original template for heavy metal, as laid out by their English peers Black Sabbath; Godsize exploit the faster, heavier traits of the style for a record that pairs the drawn out kicks of American southern rock to the jolts and jumps of British rock-and-roll. ‘Beer Slag‘, ‘Pure Aggression‘ and ‘Start Her Up‘ are solid examples of how the band have made this union work. In shifting from dragged grooves to frenzied, upbeat pumps and rhythms, these songs show how easily Godsize change pace without sacrificing their downtuned flow." - Metal Melt
1 Hate Fueled Abuse
2 Beer Slag
3 Born From Anger
4 Pure Aggression
5 For You
6 My Fire
7 Start Her Up
8 Unwanted
9 Kill With You Mind