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Grifter "The Simplicity of the Riff is Key"

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"The opening track, The Voices and my favourite track on the EP, its classic 70's inspired riff rock, laced with good old fashioned groove, a sort of Cactus "Evil" vibe! The all in Vocals sang in the chorus is killer. A true Pub Rock riff monster and a perfect opener to Simplicity of the Riff is Key! Blind Rat Swarm, Is more straight forward rock, semi clean natural crunch guitars, pounding 4-4 beats steam rolling through the air waves, dust out the cobwebs from your ears this is high octane AC/DC, ZZ top inspired Riff and Roll.     Pendulum, track 3 is another track that stands out, big bottom end jammed out grooooove rock. I dig the bass riff that kind of runs away with the toms in the middle part of the song when the guitars drop away. Ollie's vocal are very reminiscent of Neil Fallon from Clutch in this heavy jammed out ditty. I Jesus, The last track on the EP is Southern Fried, ZZ - Top all the way straight forward rock, bone shattering natural crunch on the guitars and popping snare patterns. It's sure to give your speakers a workout!     Grifter has most certainly evolved as a band and has matured shit loads sound wise since their first Demo 2005's Elephantine. The Simplicity of the Riff is Key is full of good groovy hook lines, melody and solid musicianship. These cats belong in the dingy pubs, where beer and cigarettes reign supreme. A somewhat peoples band solid hardworking riff rockers! Fans of Josiah, Clutch and the straight forward side of the 70's will dig this EP to no end. Nice Work guys maybe now it's time to throw us a debut Full length. Crank this one to 11! "     - Planet Fuzz     Track List   01 The Voices 02 Blind Rat Swarm 03 Pendulum 04 I Jesus