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Sedulus "Dogfight"

Availability: 2
Brand: Sedulus
"Sedulus are a quartet from London with a very '90s sound to them, somewhere between old Helmet's crunchiest moments and the whole Kyuss/Fu Manchu thing, with a singer who reminds me of Matt Whitehead from Throttlerod. The staccato bite of opener "5:30" (no, the song is actually 6:57 long) is an impressive display of riffage and professional tightness, wading through lilting guitar melodies and a wall of crash cymbals to its furious close. If these guys had been around 10 years ago, I could've probably snuck the triumphantly catchy "Mudbug" onto our local college radio station, as the sound here is definitely accessible and actually kind of American" - Hellride Music
1. 05:30 06:57
2. Mudbug 04:32
3. Win Or Lose 04:14
4. Because Of You 08:59
5. Breaking Point 06:04
6. Dogfight 05:40