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Sonic Lord "Trawling Through Sludge"

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Limited Edition Orange 7" with Free Plectrum     "I take it you’re all familiar with Black Sabbath. Just take a moment to reflect and think back to some of you favourite classic Sabbath moments…done that? Always a pleasure isn’t it. Now imagine how that would sound if messers Osbourne, Iommi and co had been force fed ketamine. It’s still recognisable but not so nice isn’t it? Now imagine Sabbath force fed ketamine and chained to a wall in a filthy cellar while their girlfriends are getting fucked in front of them by a biker gang. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Sonic Lord!!!     Never in 40 years of the existence of doom and stoner rock has it ever sounded so pissed off and so vital. Sonic Lord take those first 6 milestone Sabbath albums, encase them in granite, shoot them through with iron rivets, wrap them in barbed wire then throw them down a steep staircase at you" - The Sleeping Shaman     Tracklist 1. The Fallen 2. The Prophecy